Company Profile

We are among the leading suppliers in Hong Kong for reliable drainage pipeline systems in Hong Kong, China and overseas, as well as accredited with the ISO 9001 standard for Quality Management Systems and the ISO14001 certification for successfully implementing the Environmental Management Systems. The Koon Wah Brand is a symbol of high quality ductile iron, cast iron, epoxy cast iron, stainless steel, copper alloy, and HDPE piping materials that has been supplied to numerous prestigious private sectors, housing estates, public housing, educational institutions, hospitals, and Government civil projects. These accumulated practical experiences allow us to strengthen our position in this competitive field. Being a company consisting of professional technicians, responsible sales executives and stringent management, we can continuously exhibit our excellent services and regularly upgrade our products to align with global technology advances, so as to meet our ever increasing customer needs.

Our lines of products, including but not limited to pipes and fittings, manhole covers, channel gratings, floor drains and accessories, are in full compliance with the Internation Standard.BS 416,BS 437, and BS 4622 forcast iron piping systems; BS 1387 and BS EN 10255 for galvanized piping systems; BS EN 10217 for steel piping systems; BS EN 545 and BS EN 598forductile iron piping systems; BS EN 12201 for HDPE piping systems which includes thermal fusion & electro fusion fittings; BS EN 877 for epoxy cast iron piping systems including grip collar and the SS 304,SS 316 stainless steel couplings; BS EN 1092 for cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, GMS & gunmetal puddle flange as well as BS EN 124 for loading of assorted manhole covers and gratings.

Customer satisfaction is our very first priority, and having said that, we shall keep continuing to put tremendous effort in providing affordable yet reliable products to our customers.